Monday, 13 July 2015

Mantra for Meditation

There is sometimes confusion in how people teach mindfulness practice, but in the way that I’ve come to understand it is that it’s simply not as effective unless you’re bring your heart into it. The quality of attention has relaxed curiosity and tenderness to it. It’s as if we’re bowing with respect to the life being lived whether the attention is on the breath, the body, or any sense perceptions.

First off, you need these three things in order to begin:

You have to build up a will for wanting to change the current state of your life. You need the willpower to go far beyond your current circumstances within meditation. Building willpower is like eating breakfast; you’ve got to have it every morning.

Set a plan for meditating at least once a day. (If your life gets super busy, you should meditate at least twice a day.) Meditation helps you escape time. Once you start meditating, you will be astounded at how efficiently you will get your work done.

No dreams are ever accomplished without discipline. A daily discipline to sit and meditate will help you break your old patterns. Make your daily meditation a must-do, even if you are traveling or have a totally packed schedule. Fifteen minutes of daily sitting will really start to bring results into your life.

Now, assuming that you’re ready to commit yourself to the above-mentioned points, you can start with a simple meditation that you can do anywhere. I suggest practicing this meditation everyday for about 15 minutes.

·      Sit cross-legged on the floor, or in a comfortable position on a chair or couch.
·      Keep your spine erect.
·      Take deep breaths.
·      Count from 1 to 10 slowly.
·      Breathe in. Hold it for a moment. Breathe out. Repeat this for 5 to 10 minutes.

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